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  There are many Baha'i related media on these pages. This is not an official site but the work of an individual. For information on  the Baha'i Faith click here.
I always liked the thought of building a website but just didn’t know how to or where to begin.  Making Baha’i themed videos I had an idea that one day it would be nice to put them together in one spot. Perhaps when I had 19 of them. When I put images to the Hidden Word “I have breathed within thee” I contacted Paul Parrish for permission to use his music. In an exchange of emails I found out that he had unreleased albums of Selections from the Baha’i Writings. After another flurry of emails we agreed that I would host these songs. I looked at other websites to gain some inspiration. This website is the result.

It contains two distinct sections. The music videos I have made and the music of Paul Parrish.

The Music Videos
The videos I make emphasis the words they contain. I am grateful to the musicians who have given me permission to use their work. The videos have been used for personal meditation, workshops and firesides. It would be my hope that these would be book marked and added to favorites for viewing on PC’s or mobile devices to refresh the spirits.  A visual Daily Reading. I wouldn’t like the idea of sitting down and looking at them all! They can be downloaded from YouTube if desired for non commercial use. They mostly contain my photographs. Any exceptions like NASA are credited.
The Music of Paul Parrish
 The lyrics for these songs have been chosen from the Baha'i Writings.
 Paul hopes that these few songs may serve as an inspiration to other singers, musicians and composers around the world.